In addition to the rapid, flexible and reliable services revolving around your goods and products, we are strongly committed to sustainability. Whether in transport, logistics or the management of our logistics properties – in all three areas we are constantly searching for environmentally compatible and energy efficient solutions.



We would be pleased to advise you in devising intelligent network strategies that factor in fluctuating fuel prices. With a look to the environmentally compatible transportation of your products, we can offer you sea-air as an alternative to airfreight, or ships with lower fuel consumption. Whenever possible, we manage the pre-carriage and off-carriage of containers to and from seaports by way of rail-bound transport. In addition, we are also operating gas-powered trucks.



The topics of disposal and the management of packaging materials take center stage in the intralogistics area. For example, we make prudent and sparing use of recyclable packaging materials, consider ecological aspects in the selection of third party service providers, as well as adhering to the most stringent safety standards in disposal.


Management of buildings

When planning or using logistics properties, GROUP7 thinks and acts in a sustainable manner. Resource-efficient solutions, certified building material and high quality for the construction of own properties make sure that a harmonious integration is made while the ideal function is guaranteed. An energy-efficient and environmentally friendly utilization, such as the implementation of dark emitters, movement-sensitive LED lighting, a high amount of daylight, the usage of a photovoltaic installation etc., not only reduces energy and operating costs but improves the wellbeing of employees. Several GROUP7 logistics properties are DGNB gold certified regarding their ecological, economic and social sustainability. DGNB is the German Society for Sustainable Constructions.


Total Supply Chain

Sustainability on the level of the entire value-added chain is even more effective. Therefore GROUP7 plays an active part in the "CO2PERATION" project since 2008. The project is concerned with improving the efficiency of the global value-added chain while reducing CO2 emissions at the same time. The aim of the project is an ongoing reduction of the arising CO2 emissions of the value-added chain.