(from left to right): Marc Schulmeister, Julia Jocher, Günther Jocher, Hubert Borghoff

Specialists and managers discussed the digital change in the industry and were inspired by creators and lateral thinkers from economy and society. Digital, intelligent technologies ensure the networking of people and machines. Whether and how these technologies can be used in the short and medium term to promote the logistics industry was a lively topic of discussion in the forum. GROUP7 used this opportunity to host a booth as exhibitor at this congress, which over 3,000 visitors attended.

"We exhibited together with VIA BREMEN in cooperation with the Logistics Initiative Hamburg (LIHH) at the joint booth of the "HanseLounge ", says Günther Jocher, Managing Director of GROUP7. Regular participation in the German Logistics Congress with our partners has already become a tradition. We are very satisfied, have been able to establish many interesting contacts and are looking forward to new successful business developments. "