GROUP7 employs 32 new trainees

The 2 day trainee event at GROUP7 took place for the third time.

Welcome-event is part of the recruiting concept at GROUP7

At the beginning of September, the 32 new apprentices from all 9 GROUP7 branches met at the Munich headquarters to experience two exciting introduction days. "Our goal was to infect the trainees with our own enthusiasm for logistics. At the same time they should experience how diverse and creative our company is" explains Günther Jocher, Managing Director of GROUP7. The trainees visited a production facility for forklifts and lift trucks, observed the freight handling processes in the cargo area of ​​Munich Airport and got an insight into their CO2 neutrality project. "Of course, we also presented our own logistics processes in the GROUP7 logistics center in Munich and talked about our international just-in-time spare parts projects," says Daniel Jocher, trainee manager at GROUP7 and organizer of the event.

All vacant trainee openings filled in 2019

The introduction days for new trainees are part of a comprehensive personnel concept that GROUP7 has launched to attract the best young and skilled staff and to retain them in the long term. In trainee recruiting, GROUP7 is one of the successful companies in the logistics industry. With the 32 new trainees GROUP7 was able to fill all vacancies for trainees. The range of training varies from the classic freight forwarding and logistics services to IT specialists and even to dual business administration students with a focus on freight forwarding, transport and logistics.

Management rounds off event with a leisurely evening program

At the end of the trainee event, Managing director Günther Jocher and Klaus Spielmann, Head of Business Development at GROUP7, took the opportunity to have personal talks with the trainees in a local beer garden and to find out more about the expectations of the newly hired GROUP7 employees. The event was well received by the trainees. "It was a great way to start my apprenticeship. In addition to all the new impressions about GROUP7 and the airfreight handling at the airport, I had a lot of fun with my new colleagues" Anna-Lena Anzinger, new trainee at GROUP7, says enthusiastically about her first GROUP7 days.