GROUP7 expands logistics area to over 220.000 square meters nationwide

Soon the GROUP7 multi-user warehouse in Frankfurt will be fully operational. On an area of round about 41.000 square meters a state-of-the art, 25.500 square meters large multi-user warehouse as well as an over 1.700 square meters large office building will be built. This is roughly the size of six soccer fields.

“Next to focusing on customers with seasonal goods, we will mainly be focusing on eCommerce. The new center will be our international eCommerce hub”, says Günther Jocher, Managing Director of GROUP7.

The new logistics center will be equipped with modern technoglogy: from driverless transport systems and 3D-printing up to newest scanning technologies. In addition, the established GROUP7 ERP-II system will also be implemented at this center.

“We are very proud of this next step and are perfectly prepared for the growth in our contract logistics sector”, Günther Jocher finishes.