In order to place your products on the market with the correct timing, a reliable distribution of your goods is of utmost importance. With our distribution services we enable a carefree and performance-orientated circulation of your products.

With our multi-channel concept we realise a flexible and simple disposition of your products. The distribution of articles is carried out on piece-basis, groupage order, carton and pallet dispatch.
We cover orders and deliveries on B2B or B2C basis, for retailers and for flagship stores. Additionally GROUP7 also takes care of your event logistics.

Our ERPII IT-System allows for direct communication and supply between single stores and shops and makes it possible to act based on regional requirements of your clients and avoids excess or under-supply of certain articles.

Our Services

  • Worldwide distribution of your products
  • Multi-Channel distribution
  • Flexible shipping on piece, box or pallet basis
  • Eventlogistics
  • B2B / B2C deliveries


Apart from distribution, we also offer contract logistical services and prepare your products according to customer demands, so they can be delivered directly to the store. With GROUP7’s distribution services you can perfectly match your client’s demands.