Purchase Order Management

With our in-house-developed GROUP7 Purchase Order Management system you enjoy full transparency while raising the efficiency of your supply chain and being able to check the status of your shipments in real-time.

The GROUP7 Purchase Order Management, which has been designed and programmed by our in-house software developers, is fully customisable to match your requirements and gives you full transparency of your entire supply chain through a web-based access.

Tracking on SKU-level (Stock Keeping Unit) and an integrated early-warning system allow for timely reactions in case of unexpected events.

Our Services

  • Access Management
  • Paperless Order Confirmation
  • Transfer and acknowledgement of order details
  • Inventory audit incl. early-warning systems
  • Tracking on SKU-Level

Using our Purchase Order Management you are always up to date with your shipments and have an ideal gateway connection between supplier, sales and distribution, purchase and logistics.

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