Sea-Air transport is the optimal solution for saving time, money and emissions. The lead-time can be reduced by up to 75% compared to ocean freight. Compared to conventional airfreight, combined transports can reduce costs by up to 30% all while emitting up to 45% less carbon dioxide.

By using this multimodal transport solution, GROUP7 realises an economically attractive option, which is perfectly fitted for lead-time and cost efficiency.

The organisation of Sea-Air shipments requires a precise coordination of ocean and air transport. One of the most crucial factors is fast and smooth handling, which is required to transfer the freight from an ocean vessel to an aircraft within 8 – 12 hours. GROUP7 has many years of experience with the freight hubs in Dubai, Seattle, Singapore and Seoul.

With cost efficiency and lead-time on our mind, we transport your Sea-Air shipment to its final destination.

Our Services

  • Individual and personal transport advice with cost / benefit Analysis
  • Cost efficient alternative
  • Complete organisation from door to door
  • Lead-time advantage of up to 75% compared to regular ocean freight
  • Up to 30% more cost saving compared to regular air freight
  • Textile Service with hanging garment containers
  • Electronic customs clearance (ATLAS, NCTS, AES)
  • Quick turnover from vessel to aircraft
  • Permanent lead-time monitoring
  • Less CO2-emission than airfreight


We would be glad to create a concept for your next Sea-Air shipment.
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