When it comes to the environment, we are aware of our corporate responsibility and therefore pursue a sustainability strategy. We strive to achieve a balance between our environmental, economic and social responsibility to further reduce our ecological footprint. We use existing resources responsibly considering their natural ability for regeneration. Whether for transport, logistics services or the management of our logistics facilities, we strive for environmental amenity and energy efficiency in all aspects. The environmental awareness is an integral part of our company strategy and affects every employee in his daily work. Our environmental management has been audited by the external certification company DEKRA and has been awarded with the latest ISO 14001 standard.



With your delivery schedule and deadlines in mind, we are more than willing to help you with the choice of the most appropriate means of transport, to make your shipment move as cost-efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible. Our certified CO² calculator, allows for a direct comparison of the CO² emissions of individual transport modes. This allows you to consciously control the impact of your transports and to improve your CO² balance.


Green Logistics

We constantly optimise internal processes and also pay attention to the reduction of environmental impacts on material and material flows. A special focus lays on packaging and disposal within our logistics facilities. Together with our customers, we develop environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging alternatives. When disposing of the waste, adhere to the most current waste management guidelines.


Logistics facilities

When it comes to planning and using our GROUP7 logistics facilities, we focus on being ecologically and economically far-sighted. Therefore, all our facilities are certified in accordance DGNB Gold guidelines. The German Society for Sustainable Building (DGNB) examines ecology, economics, technology, process and the location and also evaluates the infrastructure and the consideration of the life cycle of a logistics property. We pay attention to the following points both during construction and use of our properties:

  • Harmonic integration into existing environment
  • Resource-friendly solutions according to the latest ecological standards
  • Reduced pollution caused by suitable and certified building materials
  • Life cycle planning (increase in life span, recyclable materials)
  • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly use for saving energy and operating costs
  • Solar Power
  • High standards of fire and noise protection measures


Supply Chain

Sustainable development along the entire supply chain not only improves your carbon footprint but also helps saving future resources. The "CO2PERATION" project was launched in 2008 together with our customers to improve the efficiency of the global supply chain as well as the continuous reduction of CO2 emissions. With the GROUP7 CO² calculator, we make the supply chain and logistics processes as sustainable as possible.