Quality control

GROUP7 offers first-class quality controls for a wide variety of product categories and guarantees a fast and smooth process. This creates the basis for efficient processing and assures a continuous availability of the goods for your customers.

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Our Services

  • Professional quality control according to AQL Standards
  • Sample or full controls
  • Control by skilled and trained GROUP7 inspectors
  • Packing inspection and mark-up of SKU‘s
  • Comparison of deliveries with order data (Type, colour, etc.)
  • Examination of individual articles for deviations and deficiencies of dimension, fit, color accuracy, visual impression, distinction by catalog comparison, material comparison by product description or counter pattern comparison
  • Thorough documentation of test results
  • Joint counselling with the buyer's / QC's responsibles in the event of marginal cases
  • Preparation of assessment. Different criteria such as e.g. Material, cut, processing methods and controls are included in the test certificate
  • Comprehensive Service
  • Personal inspectors and contacts
  • Coping with peak seasons by offering highest level of flexibility
  • Regular training of GROUP7 employees


With our quality control service you can rely on the flawless quality of your goods at any time and focus entirely on the distribution of your products.