Sea-Air transport is the optimal solution for saving time, money and emissions. The lead-time can be reduced by up to 75% compared to ocean freight. Compared to conventional airfreight, combined transports can reduce costs by up to 30% all while emitting up to 45% less carbon dioxide.

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Our Services

  • Individual and personal transport advice with cost / benefit Analysis
  • Cost efficient alternative
  • Complete organisation from door to door
  • Lead-time advantage of up to 75% compared to regular ocean freight
  • Up to 30% more cost saving compared to regular air freight
  • Textile Service with hanging garment containers
  • Electronic customs clearance (ATLAS, NCTS, AES)
  • Quick turnover from vessel to aircraft
  • Permanent lead-time monitoring
  • Less CO2-emission than airfreight


We would be glad to create a concept for your next Sea-Air shipment.
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